It is officially time for my The Traveling Nurse dreams to become a reality…Why the heck is my site called “The Traveling Nurse” if I am not a traveling nurse!? I began The Traveling Nurse for many reasons: to guide people into and through nursing, life, and travel. However, the main reason this platform exists is for so much more than that… Read More


img_7427_polarr-12018 was a roller coaster. With every milestone in my professional career came a personal life setback. I began and completed my nursing residency program while I parted ways with one of my best friends, someone who I would not have made it through nursing school without. I moved into my own place and began to establish myself as an individual, my own entity, just Chandler. I had to find a way to be happy alone, and I am finally there! Read More



I wish this was not a common theme amongst most hospitals…but unfortunately it remains ever-present. Some places less than others, some more than most. Nurse bullying is real and it happens more often than not.

I am so fortunate to work at a zero tolerance nurse bulling establishment…however, I still find it happening. How does one handle such situations? I’ll share with you the best ways I have gotten through sticky situations the right and wrong ways. Read More



It feels oh so wonderful being entirely independent. Do you ever have those moments where you pinch yourself…thinking is this actually my life? Did I actually accomplish everything I planned on? For being 25, I have accomplished so much and am able to financially support myself…and treat myself! Read More



It’s funny how things happen all at once. For the first time in my life, I find myself alone…in many aspects. I am now living alone, something I couldn’t have foreseen happening. Additionally, I am now alone on the floor as a nurse, without a preceptor holding my hand. I have longed for this moment of solitude in the nursing world…but not so much in my own personal world. Read More