CURE International is one of the most amazing organizations I have ever worked with.  CURE has hospitals in eight countries giving children all over the world a chance at having a normal life.


CURE is a nonprofit organization that provides surgeries and treatments for children born with deformities like cleft lip, club foot, spina bifida, and hydrocephalus. All procedures and surgeries are donation based so the patients and family can focus on healing rather than finances.


CURE gets their patients from referrals, word of mouth, and through their mobile clinic. The mobile clinic travels to places where transportation out of the city is very difficult for the patients and families. They also travel to cities where most families don’t have means of transportation. Here they receive new patients, complete procedures, and provide treatments.


CURE is a religious institution. Everyday, the entire staff participates in devotion. There are also weekly masses and song groups. A prayer is said with the family before the patient is taken back to surgery and a prayer is said for the patient before they are opened up in the operating room.

CURE is also a teaching institution. Doctors from all over the world can train at CURE.

There are two tea times throughout the day. One at 10:00AM and the next at 02:00PM. The entire CURE staff gathers to “take tea” and chapati, their delicious tortilla-like bread.


When you work at CURE, you become a member of the dream family. You are not identified by the letters behind your name, your education, or your job title. You are looked at as a person. Everyone refers to one another by their first names. I truly believe that having tea and participating in daily devotions together helps bond the CURE staff as a family. It is so beautiful and I pray that one day America can achieve this comradery too.



Every family is presented with social media consents upon admission. I only saw one family who refused to sign the form because they were from a rare tribe and didn’t want to be photographed. However, nearly all families sign the consents because social media helps keep CURE International receiving donations which provide surgeries to their children.

This being said, all patients photographed have signed consents.


Specific children are chosen to be CURE kids. CURE kids’ stories are posted online where you can follow their progress from pre, intra, to post-operative care! It is incredible to see how much of an impact is made for these kiddos.

I took care of Shelmith very closely. She is a CURE kid and is the sweetest thing in the world. She is officially a happy and healthy child thanks to CURE.



CURE International loves having volunteers. The longer you can stay, the better. For more information, click here.


The best way you can help is to donate to CURE International. All donations go towards giving these CURE kids a chance at a normal life!



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