The Traveling Nurse strives to motivate its readers to study hard and travel harder. I hope to provide inspiration for travel, lifestyle, and helping others through nursing.



I began traveling and planning trips right when I began nursing school at the University of San Francisco. Here, I studied Nursing and Neuroscience. Despite my full load of classwork and working full-time, I managed to travel the globe…on a student’s budget. Planning these trips was an outlet for me. I perfected my itineraries to squeeze in as much as possible without breaking my bank.

I got the idea to begin The Traveling Nurse when I was in Paris. Friends of friends constantly reached out for access to my itineraries. This is when I realized I had something going for myself. I put so much time into these itineraries that I might as well share! However, I have more to share than just my travel tips. I now have a plethora of nursing school tips and tricks up my sleeve. I hope that The Traveling Nurse serves as a one stop shop for all things travel and nursing!

My longterm goals for The Traveling Nurse¬†are to travel to third-world hospitals, deliver medical supplies, and tell the nurses’ stories. I hope you all can follow me on my journey to achieving these goals and more as a New Graduate Registered Nurse.¬†Happy reading!

XO~K Chandler