Since 2002 FIMRC has been changing the lives of women and children in developing countries.


With clinics in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, and Uganda FIMRC has not only established healthcare access for the uninsured, but also preventative healthcare education programs. Focused on sustainable healthcare for women and children, FIMRC believes in consistent education for all their patients.


FIMRC offers acute care needs, mental health services, prescription refills, and preventative health programs. Prior to COVID, FIMRC would host weekly programs focused on different healthcare needs. For example, they hosted a pap smear clinic where over 200 patients were seen and educated!


COVID-19 has greatly impacted the entire world, including all the FIMRC clinics. Most nonprofits financially survive off of volunteership and clinic visits. This program was discontinued with COVID and has only recently reopened in Costa Rica. However, FIMRC didn’t let the pandemic stop them.


FIMRC transformed their volunteering to a virtual global health program. If you are interested in the opportunity of “volunteering” abroad from the comfort of your home, click here!

If you prefer in-person opportunities, you can now volunteer in Costa Rica! Having now volunteered with FIMRC during COVID, I can speak to how safe I felt. If you are nervous about volunteering, submit your questions below. FIMRC and its patients need us now more than ever.


If you still feel nervous about volunteering, there are other ways you can help! Donations are always accepted and go towards bettering the lives of women and children without access to healthcare.

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