As if nursing school exams aren’t enough, some programs require you to take semesterly HESI exams. The HESI exam is designed to better your chances of passing the NCLEX. Each semester’s HESI correlates to the semester’s materials. For instance, during your Psychiatric semester, your HESI will be only Psychiatric questions. This allows you to study the most important material in depth. This way when you get to the NCLEX you should have a strong knowledge base on the concepts, making your chances of passing higher.

HESI questions include audio, locating what is asked on an image, select all that apply, organizing from first to last, and generic multiple choice. A score of 850 or above is considered passing. Anything in the 1000’s usually converts to an A letter grade. There is a conversion score at the end which shows your exam grade as a percentage based off of your score. Once you have finished your HESI, you will get your score instantly.

There is strategy to HESI but for the most part you have to know your material. Studying is crucial for success. HESI tests your knowledge on the subject whereas NCLEX tests if you will keep your patient alive or not. The best study advice for this HESI is to do as many questions and case studies as you can. Read the rationales, pick up on the themes, and carry what you’ve learned into your next question sets. Make sure you know how to do math problems. The math problems carry the heaviest weight in determining your score. These problems can be the difference between passing and failing so study medication calculations and conversions!

I am going to break down the HESIs for you by semester/exam in separate posts. I will also provide some study tips and strategies accordingly. This alone won’t get you through the exams. You will need to devote time and energy to the material, however it is a solid place to start!

HESI 1: Geriatrics , HESI 2: Psychiatric, HESI 3: Med SurgHESI 4: Pediatrics, HESI 5: Maternity, HESI 6: Cumulative Exit HESI

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