HESI 6: Cumulative Exit HESI

HESI 6This exam seems daunting, but think of how much studying you have done for HESI up to this point! This HESI is about 60-75% Med Surg. The two least tested on sections are Pediatrics and Maternity. This should help you prioritize your studying.

  • Memorize electrolyte imbalances related to certain diseases/conditions
    • Know the implications of having an electrolyte imbalance and how to respond
  • The Renal System was heavily tested on in my exit HESI.
  • Maternity, Psych, and Peds are big picture questions.
  • Remember Geriatric S/Sx for conditions are different than adults and children. Study these for this exam.
  • NAP, LVN, and RN roles are heavily tested on. Know them as best as you can!
  • There will be random questions that you have no idea what they are even talking about. Use strategy here. Eliminate obviously wrong answers. Which answer is not like the others? For the most part, this is the right answer.
  • Know all about digoxin SDR and medication schedule. Know what to do with certain dig levels
  • Study when certain meds are given. For example, steroids are to be given with food.
  • A common theme is when a patient is on a BP drug and their BP is normal, give the patient their BP med still. We want to keep the BP within the normal range.

HESI 1: Geriatrics , HESI 2: Psychiatric, HESI 3: Med SurgHESI 4: Pediatrics, HESI 5: Maternity,

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