HESI 2: Psychiatric

HESI 2.pngThis HESI was one of my highest scoring HESIs. There were some themes on this HESI for sure, but the majority of it came down to knowing the material. They heavily tested on all the meds and psychiatric disorders. Read the HESI book section devoted to Psych and study the material. Do the corresponding case studies and read why you got the answers wrong.

  • Don’t support hallucinations, however remain therapeutic.
  • As long as the patient is safe, divert their attention if needed.
  • If a patient is being rude, let them know that behavior is unacceptable.
  • If patient is combative, remove others from situation.
  • If a patient is hearing voices ask them “what are the voices are saying?”
  • If a patient is suicidal ask follow up questions as to whether they have a plan or not, or access to a gun.

HESI 3: Med SurgHESI 4: Pediatrics, HESI 5: Maternity, HESI 6: Cumulative Exit HESI

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