Recently, Uniform Advantage sent me some of their brand new Butter-Soft Stretch Scrubs. I was initially attracted to the scrubs because of all the fun color choices! You can even pick different styles like a drawstring waist or even elastic. No matter what style you choose, pocket space is guaranteed! As a nurse, you need to put so many things in your scrubs. Not having enough storage space can ruin your shift.  Read More



This time a few years back, Ian and I were planning our incredible trip to Peru. Peru takes some serious planning. Looking back on our photos, I can’t believe this trip happened. Similarly to Iceland, this was the trip of a lifetime. This trip reminds me of why we travel so much; there is so much different culture out there, inexplainable ruin existence, nature, and adventure. Instead of coming back well rested and pampered, we came back in awe, hungry for what else is out in the world. THIS hunger is why we travel. Read More



Every Easter, my family gets together at my grandparent’s home in Santa Barbara. This year’s gathering was more precious than most. By some miracle, my grandparent’s home survived the Montecito fires and subsequent mudslides. The home across the street from them did not make it and some of their friends lost their lives. My grandparents have been evacuating from December to March. Someone was looking down on them and my family, and we are so grateful.  Read More



I LOVE CHLA!!! Orientating to a new hospital can be physically draining with all the information thrown at you, however this is not the case with CHLA. CHLA created what is now known as the “Versant RN Residency” program. This program was created by CHLA to fully orient all new graduate RNs to both the hospital but also pertinent information. Since the beginning of this program, new grad nurse retention rates have increased! They teach you the material in a manner that promotes confidence on the floor. The curriculum is spread out over six months with the residency ending at a year. The first six months consist of class days, skills days, and clinical shifts. After the six months you are on the floor “alone” but you are still considered a resident. The program ends after a year with a graduation ceremony. Read More



I am going to be honest with you all. I applied to a bunch of Southern California hospitals and didn’t feel that excited/ anxious feeling people talk about. I didn’t have clinical or preceptor experience at any Southern California Pediatric hospitals. Because of this, I felt as though I was applying with my eyes closed, letting God place me where He felt best. After submitting each application, the work only got harder. Without experience at any of these facilities, I was placed at the bottom of the list. I had to knock down doors to get my applications re-looked at. This process was emotionally draining but I eventually got the interviews I was hoping for, and subsequently the job offers.  Read More



A friend who is currently in nursing school reached out to me asking about how to make her resume stand out from the crowd. Everyone takes the same nursing courses in nursing school and everyone completes the same rotations, so how do you set yourself apart without pushing yourself too hard? The physical body can only take so much at one time, so how can you rise above and beyond without crumbling under the pressure? How much is too much? Read More



It is with a heavy heart that I present this topic. With everything going on in our country regarding gun control, access to arms, and gun safety some are demanding an increase in security. There are different levels of security being discussed; either making it more difficult to purchase guns, metal detectors at school entrances, and/or arming school officials to take action if needed. Read More