It is most definitely possible to get through life…or shifts…without planning or being prepared. However, there is a sense of ease when knowing you’re ready for whatever gets thrown your way. Everyone brings different things with them on their shifts, perhaps I bring a little more than necessary, but my motto is better safe than sorry! Below are my shift staples:


I created my own brain to help me stay organized during my shifts. On this sheet I write the information I received during hand-off in addition to the new information from my shift. Without this, I would be lost!


Working nightshift presents different challenges…one of which is darkness. I tried using a flashlight, but I needed two hands for most of my tasks. With this light, I can bend over the patient’s bed, clip the light onto my scrub top, and see everything I need to see while having both my hands free!


I always keep a pen and notebook in my pocket incase I want to jot down information I have learned. This is imperative as a new nurse or nursing student.


I don’t go anywhere anymore without my planner. Schedules get released at different times and I like writing my schedule down as soon as I can so I can plan out my self-care for my days off. You can only take care of your patients if you take care of yourself!


On my unit, our patients are all in some type of isolation during their stay. Therefore, they have stethoscopes in their rooms for us to use. No matter what, I still bring my stethoscope for the off-chance I go to a different unit and need it one day.


This is not a necessity but it helps keep my lips moisturized and adds a pop of color. Sometimes a little detail like this makes me feel more put together and happier!


Lastly, I always bring my glasses. I can see everything up close, but things get blurry at a distance. I always bring them, gosh for bid I need them.




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