Clinicals are over. Exams no more! That piece of paper you worked so hard for (your degree) is framed on your wall. You are now in a whole new ball game…trying to gain employment as a new graduate nurse, amongst thousands of other deserving candidates.


Go prepared to your interviews. Practice your Interview Questions. I created a document with 65 questions that could be asked and my answers. I would then have Ian read them to me to practice. Know your institution and cater your answers to it. Review the mission statement, their values, and be prepared to speak to how you align with it.


Get interview advice from any friends who have gone through the hospital’s interview process. Any advice is better than none.


Your Interview Outfit is the first thing your interviewer will see! Dress to impress! Show your personality but remain professional. More so, take into account the hospital. If they are more laid back, don’t wear a jacket. If they are a strict institution, a blazer should be worn.


Standing out is imperative. Create a Portfolio to display your work over the years. Be prepared to hand out numerous portfolios if needed. Make sure your Cover Letter and Resume are catered to the institution. More so, they must be perfected! Use plastic sheet covers and label makers instead of hand writing your dividers. Yes, I said dividers.


If possible, obtain your Registered Nurse License before applications or interviews. The deciding factor between you and another applicant may be that they have their license and you don’t. Eliminate any flaws in your application process and get your license as soon as possible. Studying for the NCLEX is best done right after school ends when your information is fresh!

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