FIGSxLuluLemon Immersion

Every year Figs partners with LuluLemon to host a yoga immersion for all their ambassadors. This year, I was fortunate enough to be invited.

The weekend took place in Ojai at the Ojai Valley Inn. Each ambassador got their own hotel room stocked with Figs and LuluLemon swag.

Once all of the ambassadors arrived, we met on the lawn for sunset yoga. I knew all of the ambassadors from Instagram, identifying them as their Instagram handles and not their first names. Little did I know just how close I would get to these people, my new Figs family.

Shortly after yoga, we all headed to a meet and greet cocktail hour followed by dinner. The setting was so perfectly decorated with every detail thought out. The dinner table looked like a Pinterest wedding board!

The days to follow consisted of hiking, yoga, reflection exercises, food, giggles, bonding, and more food.

What I really want to touch on are the reflection periods. I came to conclusions about myself that I never would have been able to reach if it weren’t for this immersion and my Figs family helping me get there.


We were asked very difficult questions: “What do we miss most about ourselves? What fixed realities have we created? How do we break these realities? What are your values and how do they relate to YOU?”

Over the span of three days we answered these tough questions using the support system around us. We formed human constellations of our values in relation to us. It was like looking into a mirror and seeing what you needed to change about yourself. For me, I realized that I was being pulled every which way by my values, to the point of nearly losing myself. I realized that there was no self-love anywhere in my constellation. How would I achieve this deficit?

It wasn’t until I broke down my fixed realities (with the help of my Figs family) that I realized I was my own worst enemy. What was missing in my self-love department was something that I couldn’t give myself. It is the love of others around me. I realized the best way I could love myself is to let others love me.

As you can imagine, this was such an emotional experience. All of us were uncovering things about ourselves that we had suppressed or denied for years. Uncovering these realities with this newfound family created a sense of accountability. We HAD to work on these fixed realities, if not for ourselves for our new Figs family.

I formed some of the deepest connections during this immersion and am forever changed. I cannot wait until I am reunited with these AMAZING HUMANS.

Figs is one of the most incredible companies in the world, giving back to those who give back to others on the daily. To say I feel blessed is an understatement. I don’t know how I got so lucky. More so, my work with Figs is nowhere near done. On Friday, I embark on a medical mission with Figs to India! Someone pinch me! I would say I am not worthy, but I am working on breaking down that fixed reality. Time to let Figs love me…almost at much as I love them!




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