One of the most common questions I get is: “How did you begin working with FIGS?” It was always a dream of mine to work with a company that serves the same purpose as me; to deliver care on a local and global level. However, I never EVER in a million years thought I would be lucky enough to work with FIGS. Read More


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I have put off writing this blog post for so long. I think the main reason is because words alone aren’t enough to sum up everything this trip was to me. How can a string of words do this mission, the human connection, and the memories justice? It was so much more than a medical mission and every passing day since this trip I have thought about India. So here goes nothing…Does anyone have a hanky? Read More



It is officially time for my The Traveling Nurse dreams to become a reality…Why the heck is my site called “The Traveling Nurse” if I am not a traveling nurse!? I began The Traveling Nurse for many reasons: to guide people into and through nursing, life, and travel. However, the main reason this platform exists is for so much more than that… Read More



Catalina Island is a little slice of heaven. It has qualities similar to Hawaii, yet is so accessible! I have traveled to Catalina a few times with Ian now, but my mom has never been. So for the Fourth of July, she and I had a girl’s trip. Catalina did not disappoint…it never disappoints! Read More