Catalina Island is a little slice of heaven. It has qualities similar to Hawaii, yet is so accessible! I have traveled to Catalina a few times with Ian now, but my mom has never been. So for the Fourth of July, she and I had a girl’s trip. Catalina did not disappoint…it never disappoints! Read More



As I begin writing this blog post, I can’t help struggling to find the right words. The magic and beauty which is Peru is hard to put into words. Machu Picchu had long been on my bucket-list and when I heard Inca Trail permits and Machu Picchu visitations were getting restricted, I panicked. I HAD to go before they closed the trail and potentially Machu Picchu…something they’ve been moving closer and closer to each year. As time goes on, their restrictions get worse. When we went, the amount of visitors on the Inca Trail and to Machu Picchu had decreased by 75%! Bare this in mind when planning your trip to Peru.  Read More



This time a few years back, Ian and I were planning our incredible trip to Peru. Peru takes some serious planning. Looking back on our photos, I can’t believe this trip happened. Similarly to Iceland, this was the trip of a lifetime. This trip reminds me of why we travel so much; there is so much different culture out there, inexplainable ruin existence, nature, and adventure. Instead of coming back well rested and pampered, we came back in awe, hungry for what else is out in the world. THIS hunger is why we travel. Read More


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Iceland is incredible. Scratch that. Iceland is MORE than incredible. It is worth all the hype and more! Ian and I wanted to see Iceland as a winter wonderland. We went in the heart of their winter to see Iceland blanketed with snow and to better our chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Read More