Becoming a travel nurse requires applying to an agency, uploading a resume, verifying credentials, establishing recommenders from your past unit, and meeting travel nursing requirements. These time consuming tasks can be daunting and overwhelming! Lucky for you, AMN created the AMN Passport phone app so everything can be done at your fingertips!


My biggest struggle with other travel nursing agency profiles was the need to take photos of my credentialing on my phone, email/airdrop them to my computer, to then upload them to the site. The AMN Passport app allows you to directly create and upload requirements from your cell phone! But wait! There’s more! If you prefer doing things the old fashioned way with a computer, you also can! AMN Passport can be used as a website or as the application on a handheld device. The app will notify you in real time if something is missing from your profile. This way there is no downtime between applying and finding your dream travel nursing job!


This is hands-down my favorite feature of the app. Simply type in your specialty and the area you are looking to work and you will be presented all the current job options in map form! This includes pay package, shift type (day vs night), length of contract, and ideal start date.


Similar to the profile requirements, the application will present outstanding notifications if an assignment requirement needs to be completed. This includes: signing a work contract, performing skills checklists, or if a certification like basic life support is about to expire (cough cough Chandler time to renew yours!). The app keeps you accountable and makes it so easy to complete tasks and upload certifications!


You can review your time and pay for the week directly on the application. It also directly connects you to a pay specialist should something be wrong or missing from your paystub.

Create your AMN Passport profile here! Happy job hunting, friends!

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