Temecula Wine Country is a hidden gem. Temecula is the Napa of Southern California. We decided to do a girl’s trip for my mother’s birthday. My sister Courtney, mom Lauren, and myself were so excited to get outdoors and drink some wine!


We started off the weekend with some horseback riding through the valley. The scenery was breathtaking and peaceful. Once our ride was done, we were more than ready for some wine.

We first stopped at Fazeli’s Winery. What was so unique about this vineyard was that their wine is Persian. I have never had Persian wine before. To be honest, I hated my first sip of it but after I let the flavors soak in my mouth, I couldn’t get enough!


The next winery was Alex’s Red Barn. The cutest elderly lady helped educate us on her wine. She used her cuteness to her advantage as she got my mom to buy a few bottles of wine!


We had dinner at 1909 in Old Town Temecula. This is THE go-to place for all the locals. After a burger, we stumbled (yes…I mean stumbled…lots of wine was consumed) into a photo studio. Would this have happened without wine on board? No. With wine, this seemed like the greatest idea in the world. We took some old Western photos and were on our way.



The next morning was for exploring Old Town Temecula. Antiquing is my favorite and Old Town has so many cute antique stores. I could have stayed there for hours!



We had the best time in Temecula. It is the perfect quick-trip in Southern California.