My three favorite things in life are: 1-My family, friends, and helping others. 2-Traveling the world. 3-CHRISTMAS!!! Given the aforementioned a trip to the German Christmas Markets was necessary. Ian and I planned an extravagant European holiday that covered 6 countries in two and a half weeks: Germany, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Ireland. We began at the Augsburg Christmas Markets, also known as Augsburger Christkindlesmarkt (try saying this three times fast). We chose this Christmas market amongst the many others because it remains authentic. Some of the others have become too popular, making them impacted and touristy. This market did not disappoint.

We spent our Christmas Eve here looking at the hand carved nativity scene pieces and drinking warmed wine. I was not a fan of the warmed wine so Ian got double. We picked up some lifelong Christmas decor pieces then headed to London for Christmas and Boxing Day.

Europe this time of year was freeeeezing! Bundle up if this is on your travel list. When researching what Christmas Market is for you, look at the dates they are open. Some are closed Christmas Eve and some are open well after Christmas! Whichever German market you go to, make sure you get a Frankfurter!

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