Getting hired at CHLA was such an exciting feeling! From the beginning, CHLA prioritized all the New Graduate Registered Nurses coming together. They organized a welcome lunch for everyone to meet. Obviously, first greetings can be awkward so doing this lunch before the program began was wonderful. We sat with other nurses on the same floor or units as us to provide a common ground for conversation. My favorite activity was where everyone wrote down a unique experience they did. We then stood in a circle and anyone who did that activity had to move to a different place in the circle. It was so cool to see how many people had done certain experiences! It was not always just the person who wrote it on the card. This icebreaker activity was light and fun! It provided a wonderful way to familiarize ourselves with the entire cohort.

On the HR side of onboarding, we had to get a physical clearance. They checked our vaccinations, immunizations, vision, and vital signs. During the clearance we had to lift two, twenty pound weights to ensure strength. We were then fitted for our N-95 masks.

Once cleared, we could begin our employment at CHLA!