Nursing school keeps you plenty busy, but setting time aside to work helps in so many ways. It helps bring in money and even helps you take your study-time more seriously. 

I had a few random jobs while in nursing school before I settled down for two-and-a-half years at one position. At first, I was working the front desk at a gym. This way, I could workout for free and make some cash! I also nannied on the side. Nannying is incredible money and something solid for your resume if you want to do pediatric nursing, like me! Through my connections at the gym, I was blessed enough to meet a client whose husband was a plastic surgeon looking for some extra help in the office. Soon after, I was employed at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery (PHPS).


At PHPS I was able to help set up the operating room, prep surgical patients, recover them, and sterilize equipment. I emptied JP drains, packed wounds, mobilized patients, and utilized therapeutic communication. Once I was checked-off through school, I was able to put in foley catheters and handle IVs. This was the best position for a nursing student! I was exposed to SO much and was able to gain confidence in my skills.

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Another one of my roles was filming the surgeries for SnapChat. Dr. Kaplan educates all his viewers on what he’s doing and why! If you are interested in plastic surgery, check him out. Once I was licensed and graduated, Dr. Kaplan let me scrub into surgery on my last day!

All and all, I was blessed with such an amazing opportunity at PHPS. My one trepidation was that the patient population was only adult. Being an aspiring pediatric nurse, I decided to part with PHPS after nursing school and resume working with children before beginning my career in pediatric nursing!


If you can land a job like the one I had at PHPS, do it and keep it for your entire time in nursing school. The longer that you are at one position, the stronger it looks on your resume. Some other job options are being an office assistant at a doctor’s private practice, working the front desk on a hospital floor, or being a CNA. Another idea is working at your nursing school’s skills lab! This shows school involvement but also allows you to polish off your skills.


I cannot stress how much I stood out during my interviews because of my work history. Find something to give you confidence and make you stand out!