The most important things in life are the intangibles. However, having money in the bank helps relieve so much stress and anxiety. Granted money is not the most valuable thing on this earth, it is still very important.

It may seem impossible as a student to be able to set aside cash. If anything, your bank account is negative with student loans! I am here to tell you, it is possible. And here is how…


The first thing I suggest is finding out where you spend your most money. Is it on gasoline, clothing, or eating out? Once you have pinpointed it (and be honest with yourself) find a way to reduce this cost by half. I began meal prepping to save money. I also stopped buying coffee out and began using my Keurig more! This small life adjustment will save you SO MUCH money in the long run.


Do you have old books lying around? How about shoes that you never wear? Why not sell them? This way you can turn a profit or just use the money to buy new items. For me, I sell all my old items and use the profit towards travel. I use sites like Poshmark, Ebay, and Craigslist. This requires patience and time but it is very doable!


Another one of my savings hacks is to use a credit card that gives you points for every dollar spent. This way, you can use these points in the future towards whatever you please! I personally use the Chase Sapphire card and was able to buy all our flights around Europe on my points alone! More so, you can do this with online hotel bookings. I use This site is awesome because every tenth hotel room is free!


In nursing school, I worked full-time for a plastic surgeon. In addition to this gig, I had some side jobs. The money I made from the plastic surgeon was for my bills and savings. My side gig money was my “fun money” used for travel, shopping, etc. I either nannied for a few families and/or taught Hip Hop! Very random and oh so fun! Doing my side jobs allowed me to see the world while in nursing school.


As previously mentioned, I would use the money from my job at the plastic surgeon’s office for my bills and savings. I realized how much money was getting deducted for my 401K, and how quickly it added up. I began applying my own “deduction” of sorts to my paychecks. This money would go straight to my savings. Before I knew it, I had a significant amount of money stored and I could still pay my bills without stress.


Give yourself something to save for! Do you want to travel? Do you want a surround sound system? How about being a home owner one day? Whatever it is, visualize it…taste it! The more you want it, the more likely it is to happen!