Maternity is one of the largest sections in the HESI book and also one of the easier HESIs in my opinion. This HESI is big picture. They want to see if you know what to do in certain maternal scenarios.

  • Know the orders in which to do things, for example: stop pitocin, turn to left side, apply oxygen, alert HCP. There are numerous different scenarios and orders in which to do things so make sure you study and memorize them.
  • Know the labor stages
  • After the mother’s water breaks, assess the color. Then perform a vaginal exam.
  • Know the different S/Sx of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, etc.
  • What will keep the patient the safest? Keep in mind that there are huge fluid losses with birth. Avoid fainting with the RN walking the mother to bathroom for the first time after birth, massage the fundus to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, and maintain IV access with LR.
  • Know APGAR scores and immunizations post-birth.
  • Know what is normal and abnormal for a baby: central cyanosis is abnormal but cyanosis of the hands and feet can be expected.
  • All and all, know what is normal for the entire process of pregnancy to birth. If you know that the amniotic fluid should be clear/yellow then you will know that green amniotic fluid should be reported.

HESI 6: Cumulative Exit HESI

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