Goodness gracious…this HESI covered SO much material. Luckily, all of it was covered in my corresponding nursing course. Once again there are always themes, but knowing the material is what best leads to success:

  • Safety is the priority. Are the side rails up? If the patient is taking a PO med, have you assessed their swallow?
  • Know the different scopes:
    • Nurses:
      • Assess, plan, teach, communicate with HCP, can delegate tasks to NAP. Only the nurse can assess. 
    • NAP
      • Blood glucose checks, mobilization if already assessed by the nurse, feeding in stable clients (not CVA patients who’s swallow hasn’t been assessed yet).
      • Cannot delegate tasks. Cannot speak to HCP about patient’s status.
    • LVN
      • Can reteach what RN has already taught. Can change sterile dressings, can ambulate patients.
      • Cannot discharge patients. Cannot give IV meds
  • Delegation- if a nurse delegates a task to the NAP, it is on the nurse to follow up on that task.
  • Know the legal implications of being a nurse: battery, negligence, assault, etc.
  • You need to have a strong understanding of all the body systems and related disorders. If it comes down to two answers and you can’t choose, use the HESI themes discussed in HESI 1.

HESI 4: Pediatrics, HESI 5: Maternity, HESI 6: Cumulative Exit HESI

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