During my psych rotation, I was placed in a transition home. This facility housed clients who were in transition back to society after being in isolation within insane asylums. The thought of this terrified me…something terrible enough happened to give them that sentence.

On my first day at the home, the counselors showed where they kept all the client files. Each patient had a paper chart within a three inch binder. The only way to read the files, was during one of our shifts. We were given full access to read or not read their cases.

I spent fifteen weeks at this home, with two eight hour shifts. This was a significant amount of time with these clients per week. Part of me wanted to know who I was hanging around. The other part was terrified to find out.

If I knew what any of these people did, would it change how I treated them? Because of this thought, I decided to not read their files.

I now present you this question. Would you have read the files? Why or why not?