Have you ever heard of experienced nurses preying on their young? Nurse bullying is real and needs to stop.

I have only experienced nurse bullying as a nursing student. At one certain hospital (a hospital I was placed at for two semesters), I had to suck up and fight for nurses to take me as the nursing student. At first, I would bring homemade pastries and treats for the staff out of the kindness of my heart. But then it turned into necessity. I had to bring something to suck up to them, to get them to take me as their student for the day. Even if I was taken as a student, questions wouldn’t be answered and the day became only observation. If I spoke up about it, I could risk not getting a nurse for my next shift. I had to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut.

What nursing students don’t know is that nurses get paid more to have students. They are also given an extra set of eager hands that want to learn! It is in their favor having a student! Although this isn’t quintessential nurse bullying, it still hurt me and affected my learning.

Looking back on this I feel so blessed to be beginning my career at a hospital against bullying. One bad experience with nurse bullying can change your nursing career forever!

Having gone through this makes me want to be the best and kindest nurse I can be. I would be more than happy to take any nursing student willing to learn and listen!

Have you ever dealt with nurse bullying? How did you deal with it? How can we prevent the spread of such bad habits within healthcare?