Looking back on 2017, I have to give myself props. I accomplished so much and am so grateful for my success.


I traveled to seven different countries in 2017, while still a full-time nursing student: Germany, England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, and Iceland. 2018 will take a hit in the travel department as I signed a 6 month no travel contract for my new position. This will be hard for me, but I know it will be worth it.


Ian and I hit our six year mark. WOWZA! I met Ian when I was eighteen and fell in love with him shortly after. We have been together our entire adult lives, the period of most change. We have been fortunate enough to change together as a couple. For this, I am so proud and grateful.


I graduated top of my class from nursing school where I got my BSN and studied Neuroscience. Although it didn’t feel like a big deal, this is a HUGE deal. Nursing school is no easy feat. I completed over 850 hours of clinical service, aced my classes, and worked full-time! I passed my NCLEX and gained my RN license and Public Health Nurse license.


I gained employment at my top choice position and institution. I will begin my New Grad Nurse Residency program in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology come March…and I cannot wait!


I traded my red vespa and precious San Francisco apartment for a Los Angeles beach house! This was a difficult transition for me, but I am starting to love it here more and more. I also celebrated my 25th birthday in Iceland. I can officially rent a car, woohoo! Excited to report I have not yet experienced a quarter-life crisis.


I finally began The Traveling NurseĀ in October. This was frightening for me. I didn’t know if anyone would want to read what I write, or value what I say. But you all proved me wrong! Thank you for all your support!

Thank you everyone who reads my posts. Your support means more than I can fathom. If you thought 2017 was good, 2018 doesn’t know what’s gonna hit it! I can’t wait to go through this year with all of you by my side!






We’re coming for you 2018!

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