It is most definitely possible to get through life…or shifts…without planning or being prepared. However, there is a sense of ease when knowing you’re ready for whatever gets thrown your way. Everyone brings different things with them on their shifts, perhaps I bring a little more than necessary, but my motto is better safe than sorry! Below are my shift staples: Read More



At the beginning of my residency, I felt on top of the world. It was as though I was seeing everything for the first time. EVERYTHING was exciting. Then things took a sudden shift. Reality set in quickly that I, K Chandler Rosemont RN, will have to care for patients under MY license, without a preceptor there to guide me. There is a different level of stress related to this. Something I never felt as a nursing student. THIS is the time when I shape the type of nurse I will be for the rest of my life…and I want to be an incredible nurse! Read More



In nursing school, I had this idea in my head that nothing happened over nightshift. I heard from some sources that nurses slept during nights! And this was confirmed when I would come early to my day shift (at one particular unnamed hospital) and see nurses asleep at the nurses’ station. Going into my first nightshift, I had no idea what to expect. Was there a lot to do? Would I feel tired? Was CHLA different than this other hospital? Read More



Recently, Uniform Advantage sent me some of their brand new Butter-Soft Stretch Scrubs. I was initially attracted to the scrubs because of all the fun color choices! You can even pick different styles like a drawstring waist or even elastic. No matter what style you choose, pocket space is guaranteed! As a nurse, you need to put so many things in your scrubs. Not having enough storage space can ruin your shift.  Read More



I LOVE CHLA!!! Orientating to a new hospital can be physically draining with all the information thrown at you, however this is not the case with CHLA. CHLA created what is now known as the “Versant RN Residency” program. This program was created by CHLA to fully orient all new graduate RNs to both the hospital but also pertinent information. Since the beginning of this program, new grad nurse retention rates have increased! They teach you the material in a manner that promotes confidence on the floor. The curriculum is spread out over six months with the residency ending at a year. The first six months consist of class days, skills days, and clinical shifts. After the six months you are on the floor “alone” but you are still considered a resident. The program ends after a year with a graduation ceremony. Read More