One main difference between adult and pediatric nursing is that children come in all different shapes and sizes. We get infants all the way up to 26 year olds! Because of this, the majority of pediatric nursing is based off of the patient’s weight in kilograms. Knowing how to do these calculations is imperative because kids are extremely sensitive to being given too much fluid or having too much taken out. I developed this quick cheat sheet of common calculations to help keep our pediatric patients safe! Read More



A friend who is currently in nursing school reached out to me asking about how to make her resume stand out from the crowd. Everyone takes the same nursing courses in nursing school and everyone completes the same rotations, so how do you set yourself apart without pushing yourself too hard? The physical body can only take so much at one time, so how can you rise above and beyond without crumbling under the pressure? How much is too much? Read More


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Kiddos are nothing like adults. Everything, every piece of data, is more sensitive in an acute child than an adult. I found that all the nursing brains I was using didn’t allow enough room. For adults, you can put three patients on one sheet of paper. However, in peds, I needed one piece of paper per child. Read More



I have meal prepped since nursing school. I find myself continuing to do so for many reasons. First off, it saves me so much money! Each meal averages about $1.05. This is incredible, especially being on a student’s budget. Think about how much going out to eat costs…Meals average $10-$15 a person! You are saving over 90% by making your own food! Read More


IMG_7134This seems like a no-brainer. However, life happens: accidents occur, construction takes over the city, and traffic jams back up the freeways.

If I am not fifteen minutes early somewhere, I consider myself late. My first semester of nursing school, I utilized San Francisco’s incredible public transportation system. This worked swimmingly until construction began on the streets near my school and the busses were not showing up at their scheduled times. I needed to get straight to work after my classes finished so being late was NOT an option. My solution, purchasing a Vespa! Read More