I wish this was not a common theme amongst most hospitals…but unfortunately it remains ever-present. Some places less than others, some more than most. Nurse bullying is real and it happens more often than not.

I am so fortunate to work at a zero tolerance nurse bulling establishment…however, I still find it happening. How does one handle such situations? I’ll share with you the best ways I have gotten through sticky situations the right and wrong ways. Read More



It’s funny how things happen all at once. For the first time in my life, I find myself alone…in many aspects. I am now living alone, something I couldn’t have foreseen happening. Additionally, I am now alone on the floor as a nurse, without a preceptor holding my hand. I have longed for this moment of solitude in the nursing world…but not so much in my own personal world. Read More



Nursing residencies are one of the greatest inventions…EVER. They began nursing residencies to help decrease new graduate nurse burnout rates. Why were nurses burning out so quickly? Because they were overwhelmed, overworked, under-prepared and over-stressed. I was lucky enough to get a job within one of these nursing residency programs.  Read More



My self-care routine is still in the works, mainly because my schedule is all over the place. Being a resident, our pay is significantly less than established nurses, our shifts flip flop between days and nights, and our and minds are overloaded with information. Some weeks we have classes all week and the following week will be all night shifts. This makes it difficult to create and maintain a self-care routine. Additionally, working with a tight budget presents more struggles. But as my residency comes to a close, I have begun prioritizing my self-care routine, regardless of finances and regardless of fatigue level. Read More



When I finished nursing school, my life was going to be picture perfect. I would move down to Los Angeles and be with my boyfriend (Ian) of six years and soon after get engaged. I would ace my NCLEX and land numerous nursing jobs with little to no struggle. Then I would have the dream wedding that I have been planning since Ian and I exchanged our love for each other. Read More