It feels oh so wonderful being entirely independent. Do you ever have those moments where you pinch yourself…thinking is this actually my life? Did I actually accomplish everything I planned on? For being 25, I have accomplished so much and am able to financially support myself…and treat myself! Read More



Every Easter, my family gets together at my grandparent’s home in Santa Barbara. This year’s gathering was more precious than most. By some miracle, my grandparent’s home survived the Montecito fires and subsequent mudslides. The home across the street from them did not make it and some of their friends lost their lives. My grandparents have been evacuating from December to March. Someone was looking down on them and my family, and we are so grateful.¬† Read More



I honestly believe that everyone benefits from structure within their lives. Think about it. If you had a day off, what would you do? Probably lounge around and watch TV. No judgement, I would do the same. But on a work day, or a day full of classes, I would find myself the most productive: doing loads of laundry, running three miles, making my own meals, etc. Knowing there is only a limited amount of “me time” or time to get things done makes you prioritize things differently. There is no lollygagging. Things get done because they have to, otherwise they’ll never get done.¬†Everyone also deserves their lounging time. Imagine how much nicer it will feel knowing everything you needed to get done is finished! Read More



I have meal prepped since nursing school. I find myself continuing to do so for many reasons. First off, it saves me so much money! Each meal averages about $1.05. This is incredible, especially being on a student’s budget. Think about how much going out to eat costs…Meals average $10-$15 a person! You are saving over 90% by making your own food! Read More



New year, same me….but with some improvements. I love the oncoming of a New Year. It allows me to reflect on the year passed and focus on the year to come. What would I have done differently? What can I be better at? However, this year is going to be very different for me. Instead of rolling into another year as a nursing student, I am beginning a new year as a new graduate nurse. Therefore, my goals are simple and to the point. Things that can be applied day-to-day but also during my clinical shifts. Read More