It is officially time for my The Traveling Nurse dreams to become a reality…Why the heck is my site called “The Traveling Nurse” if I am not a traveling nurse!? I began The Traveling Nurse for many reasons: to guide people into and through nursing, life, and travel. However, the main reason this platform exists is for so much more than that…

It has been a dream of mine to give back to not only my patients in California but also the world. More so, I now know how easy it is to be overseen as a nurse in practice for all that we do. I strive to give back to not only patients on a global scale but also the healthcare team taking care of them, the team that gets nowhere near enough credit for the work and conditions they are in.

We all know that nursing is a calling. Most of us called to action in the United States are spoiled rotten. We get paid well enough to support a family and we are not overworked. It is always this way… Some nurses are overworked, underpaid, working in tough conditions with poor supplies, and at the end of the day struggling to make ends meet. Why do they keep working? Because they love nursing and it was what they were called to do. The point of The Traveling Nurse is not to change or improve something abroad, rather to give recognition to these hardworking people and thank them for everything they do! I can’t wait to hear and share their stories with you all.

THIS is why I began The Traveling Nurse. To give recognition to these selfless souls while delivering nursing care to patients in need.

I will be traveling on my first The Traveling Nurse mission to Kenya with my dear friend Patty (@scrubsandstripes on Instagram). We will be volunteering through CURE International and delivering care to patients born with deformities. We will work as nurses pre, intra, and post-operatively alongside Orthopedic, Plastic, and Neurosurgeons.

Patty and I will be bringing donations from our favorite medical companies: Figs Scrubs, MDF Instruments, and Afton Socks. I can’t wait to share our journey with you. This Traveling Nurse has a lot of packing to do!

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