img_7427_polarr-12018 was a roller coaster. With every milestone in my professional career came a personal life setback. I began and completed my nursing residency program while I parted ways with one of my best friends, someone who I would not have made it through nursing school without. I moved into my own place and began to establish myself as an individual, my own entity, just Chandler. I had to find a way to be happy alone, and I am finally there!

Having a year filled with so many peaks and troughs got me thinking. What do I want to accomplish in 2019 granted that my main professional goals are achieved? I have finally figured out what I want from 2019…to continue falling in love.

Falling in love does not only apply to a significant other, although I am not opposed to this. My main goal of 2019 is to fall more in love with life, my family, the world, and myself.


Traveling is so eye-opening. There is a HUGE world out there! I find it so easy to make excuses to not travel (work, money, prior commitments, etc). No more excuses! My goal is to travel somewhere every month. I have already been to Oahu in January and have two more trips lined up: Africa in February and Mexico in March. I love the idea of saving money and will still try to do so with my ambitious travel goals. However, traveling takes precedence in 2019. Sorry bank account.


With nursing, I give back everyday but I want to do more. I worked so hard for my education and skill set. Why should I limit this giving back to just my place of employment? In 2019, I will be completing my first medical mission to Kenya. I can’t wait to make an impact at my job and globally.


Sometimes I need to take a breath and look around. My family and I are safe and healthy. We don’t live in fear everyday. We are all employed, well fed, and have a place to lay our heads. It is easy to take these things for granted. Whether it be through church, yoga, or my own self-reflection I plan to be more grateful for the life I have been given.

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