Every clinical shift or airplane flight since nursing school, you could find me in my compression socks. Compression socks are not just for 80 year-olds in heart failure! There are so many benefits to wearing them for long hours on your feet: 


Ladies, this one is mainly for you. Who actually wants varicose veins or spider veins? Right…nobody! Wearing compression stockings actually decreases the chance of getting these by preventing blood pooling!


Compression stockings can offer different mmHg for blood return, from 8 all the way to 40! The higher the mmHg, the more blood return. If you are prone to swelling feet when standing for long hours, you would benefit from a higher mmHg. The socks are tight which helps promote the blood flow back to your heart and away from your feet!


Given the increased blood flow to your heart, away from your feet allows for more energy by providing more oxygen to the rest of your body. We all could use a little extra energy during a twelve hour shift! Why else do you think marathoners wear compression socks!? See….there’s a method to their madness!


This one is a rather dramatic reason to wear them, but it can happen! Whenever blood is stagnant, there is the chance of a blood clot forming. This is especially important on long flights with little to no body movement.

Okay…so now that we are all on the same page with compression socks, it’s time for you to buy your’s! My absolute favorite compression stocking socks are Afton Socks. They come in cute patterns for both men and women! What I love most about them is that they don’t cut off my circulation. They are just the right amount of tight for me, without causing discomfort. Additionally, they don’t look like old lady compression stockings! Use promo code ChandlerxAfton for 15% off your’s!

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