Nursing residencies are one of the greatest inventions…EVER. They began nursing residencies to help decrease new graduate nurse burnout rates. Why were nurses burning out so quickly? Because they were overwhelmed, overworked, under-prepared and over-stressed. I was lucky enough to get a job within one of these nursing residency programs. 


Nursing residents are hired onto a specific unit where they complete clinical shifts with a preceptor for six months. In addition to this, they are also in residency classes where core curriculum is reviewed. Having this paid six month immersion helps one gain confidence within a safe learning environment. I feel so blessed to have started my nursing career within a nursing residency program. I feel prepared for my clinical shifts and I know I have so much support should I have any questions.


Part of my nursing residency was completing an evidence based practice project that is pertinent to my unit. We then presented our projects to the unit managers and other staff members of the hospital. Our project posters were placed on display during our graduation so our family and friends could view our accomplishments.


The graduation itself was very exciting. We all walked across the stage and were handed a certificate of achievement. My hospital is so proud of all its residents!


My favorite part about the residency classes was meeting people from all the hospital units. I made friends from the PICU, NICCU, CTICU, and ED.

I can’t express how grateful I am for these last six months. Yes, there were incredibly tiring and overwhelming moments. But my family, friends, and new work colleagues helped me through it. I knew I was supported by my family and friends but now I know I am also supported by my colleagues, unit, and hospital. And man oh man, it is a good feeling to have as a new nurse!











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