At this point in my life, I am a professional wedding guest. You hit a certain age where everyone around you starts getting married. Even though the wedding isn’t your own, there are still a few details to think about….


Rule #1: Don’t wear white. If you can only follow one rule, follow this one.

Rule #2: Read your invitation to see if it is cocktail attire or black tie. Black tie events require gowns and tuxedos. Cocktail attire is a nice dress for the ladies and an optional tie and jacket for the men.

Rule #3: Look up the venue. Maybe a wedge heel is more appropriate for a lawn wedding than a stiletto.

My go-to dresses for weddings are usually a classic midi look. My favorite places to find my dresses are Gal Meets Glam, Asos, and Nordstrom.


Some of the best gifts we have given are bocce ball sets, picnic baskets, and cocktail kits! Since most of these items were on their registry, we purchased a Sugarfina luxury candy box filled with gorgeous, cocktail themed candies inside. Sugarfina candies are classy, elegant, and addicting!

Couples have now begun using Zola as their gift registry. What is cool about Zola is that honeymoon or wedding items can be placed on there. For instance, a car rental in Venice or contributions to wedding catering…even money towards a house! We loved paying for cooking classes in Italy for our friends! It is such a unique way to give a gift! Gifting an experience they will never forget rather than a tangible gift.


Depending upon the time of the day and the wedding location, you may be sitting in the sun. Consider packing sunglasses and sunscreen. Lipstick, powder, and your cell phone are all you truly need and everything can fit into a small clutch. Most outdoor weddings have outdoor heaters, but if you are prone to getting cold bring a shawl.


Open bars are tempting. But remember you may have an open bar at your wedding one day. Behave the way you want your future wedding guests to behave. Help make this day as magical for the couple as you can! Get out on the dance floor, clap and cheer, and show your love to support their love! For most people, this day only happens once!





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