When people find out I work in Pediatrics their initial reaction is: “Awwwww how sweet.” Seconds later they respond with: “Awwwwww how sad…how can you do this kind of work?” For me, it was a no brainer.

I became a nurse to take care of sick children. I could have done adult care but my heart has always been in Pediatrics.

Kids are unlike anything else. They are imaginative, positive, and focused on the now and not the future. Because of this, they are RESILIENT. They can’t fully process what is going on at times. And even if they could, they would rather play their video games or play with their dolls. They are fighters without realizing they are. Seeing their recoveries is incredible.

On the other hand, having a child in the hospital is a parent’s worst nightmare. Most of the emotional catering goes to the parents of the patient. They understand what their diagnosis means to their potential future. They think about the what ifs.

Pediatric nursing is the main nursing specialty that deals with both the patient and their family. In my specialty of oncology, longterm relationships are formed with these families. No matter what happens, they know we love their child and them.

This is why I am a Pediatric nurse. Yes it can be hard but the good days outweigh the bad. I love my kiddos. I love their courage, resilience, and happiness. They make me a better person and nurse!


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