HAPPY NURSES WEEK to all my fellow nurses or aspiring nurse followers! What a privilege it is to be a nurse. 

For my first Nurses Week, I had the honor of going to Disneyland thanks to Cherokee Scrubs. Cherokee and ScrubsMag teamed up to create “Nurses Take Disneyland.” Fifty nurses were either invited or chosen from raffles to attend Disneyland for free! Before the event, Cherokee sent us Tooniform scrub tops to wear. We were given goody bags filled with Littmann Stethoscopes, shirts, a Disney gift card, and fun nursing trinkets. Additionally, Cherokee wanted as many nurses to attend Disneyland as they could get! Over 3,000 nurses RSVP’d.



The best part about this event was connecting with other nurses out there. Anytime spent in lines was dedicated to nursing stories. Talking to other New Grad nurses that resonate with what I am going through was irreplaceable.



Although I work in pediatrics, my kiddos are too sick to feel like kids. They are too busy fighting for their lives. Going to this event was an eye-opening experience. I felt like a kid again and it was such an incredible feeling. I want to find a way to carry this into my patient’s lives.

I can’t thank Cherokee enough for this experience. Being able to focus on myself and my happiness for one day was just what the doctor…or nurse practitioner ordered. To be honest, I had no idea how much I needed this day!

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