As my fatigue increases, caffeine consumption grows, and study materials pile I can’t help feeling so dang proud. I am finally living my dream! This makes everything worth it. 

I have now completed six night shifts and am becoming such a fan of the night flow. The nurses are so relaxed. Trust me, there is plenty to do still. Night shift is in charge of line changes, cap changes, weights, and lab draws. The lines alone take over an hour because our kiddos have so many connections! Additionally, we are still doing assessments and meds. Most of our patients don’t sleep well because of how sick they are and a lot are up with pain and nausea. I find myself in my patients’ rooms for around an hour at a time. One main reason is because of isolation. Almost all our patients have full PPE requirements. Because of this, I try to bundle their care.

IMG_2483 2.jpg

In regards to curriculum we had an emergency equipment day where we practiced evacuating. One of the pieces was a stair-safe wheelchair, and the other was a lever bed sled. I volunteered as the guinea pig. Why? I can’t tell you! I ended up sledding down the stairs. Even though there wasn’t an emergency I was still frightened. Imagine how terrifying it must be for a patient! It never hurts to put yourself in your patient’s shoes. This exercise reminded me of that important lesson. We also reviewed central lines and wound vac care.


I also had two Heme/Onc class days and two APHON course days. It was through my APHON courses that I got chemo certified!

It’s a wonderful feeling having my confidence increase on the floor. I am now handling medication administration, assessments, charting, and blood draws independently. There is still so much to learn and I can’t wait!


In my downtime during night shift, I try to explore the hospital. I still find myself getting lost…even in the equipment rooms. Knowing where things are will improve with practice!



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