If you read my post about my first week of residency you can tell how much I am in love with CHLA. The first week flew by with all my excited jitters! Then reality sunk in for week 2.

I was wiped! It has been a long time since I have been this tired. I think the combination of commuting, sitting in class M-F 0730-1600 the week prior, and getting a plethora of important information at us did me in!


Part of my program is completing online learning modules. We work not them if there is ever downtime and every once in awhile we have an entire shift to complete as many as we can. This was my Monday. I sat in the Ped Heme/Onc break room and did these modules ALL DAY! With any new position comes the busy on-boarding work. It isn’t fun but it is important. I made the most of it and pushed through!

Tuesday was our first skills day! We practiced working with all pumps; epidural, syringe, Alaris, and Kangaroo. Additionally, we learned about specific gravity testing, blood glucose testing, and urine dipsticks. Having been out of the nursing world for some time now, this was imperative. Not to mention, each institution uses different equipment and tubing. Familiarizing yourself with the proper equipment adds confidence on the floor.

Wednesday was my first day on the floor. The day was dedicated to orienting me to the unit. I learned things like where to get my patient assignment, how to buzz visitors in, and where supplies are stored. Once again, this will just add ease to my shifts.


The last day of the week for me was Thursday. This was a class day where we learned about mentoring and debriefing within the residency program. Each of us will be assigned a mentor based on a personality test we completed. We all went up to the table and grabbed a stack of cards with adjectives listed in four different colors; red, yellow, blue, and green. The point of the exercise was to switch cards with people around you and find the adjectives that best align with your personality. The cards I ended up with were empathetic in red, receptive in red, and planner in green. Whatever color you had the most of is supposed to reflect your nursing personality. Reds wear their hearts on their sleeves. We are emotional. We care about what you did on your day off. Yellows are the creative ones, revolutionizing common practice. Blues are all about facts and numbers. Most doctors end up as blues. Lastly, greens are task oriented, crossing things off their lists as they go. Based on my results, I will end up with a red mentor.

The point of the debriefing groups are to have a safe place to talk about our shifts and the residency program. CHLA supports all the residents in so many ways. I feel safe learning and working at CHLA. They want us to be happy and successful!

I was given Friday and Saturday off in anticipation for my first ever nightshift on Sunday. Being an early bird, I am anticipating a rollercoaster of emotions. The biggest struggle of all is that I then have to switch back to days for classes. Say a prayer for Ian and wish me luck!





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