I LOVE CHLA!!! Orientating to a new hospital can be physically draining with all the information thrown at you, however this is not the case with CHLA. CHLA created what is now known as the “Versant RN Residency” program. This program was created by CHLA to fully orient all new graduate RNs to both the hospital but also pertinent information. Since the beginning of this program, new grad nurse retention rates have increased! They teach you the material in a manner that promotes confidence on the floor. The curriculum is spread out over six months with the residency ending at a year. The first six months consist of class days, skills days, and clinical shifts. After the six months you are on the floor “alone” but you are still considered a resident. The program ends after a year with a graduation ceremony.

Our first morning of the Versant Residency in Pediatrics, we walked into the classroom to Disney music playing. Something so simple like the music sets the mood for the entire day!

Every resident received a HUGE binder, laptop, and coffee mug. The first two days were mainly HR related. Instead of having one speaker the entire time, CHLA uses an inter-professional approach. For example, our lecture on medication administration was delivered by a Pharmacist and RN. Each presenter has so much passion, regardless of what department they are in. They love CHLA and they want to be here! This passion drives our lecture days, and before we know it, our day is over!

On our second day, we went with our unit groups to tour the hospital. I am most certainly going to need help getting around at the beginning because CHLA is huge! It was also very cool to see all the other units!

My unit is Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). BMT is the intensive care unit of heme/onc. Only two of us got hired onto BMT. Most other units hired 5-8 new grads!

In the last three days of residency, we dove into more nursing based topics. We had lectures on blood administration, blood-borne pathogens, needle sticks, and safe medication administration. Having the corresponding profession deliver the related lectures helped so much. They are the experts on the materials! And I cannot stress enough how well prepared and passionate each presentation has been!

CHLA makes learning as fun as it can be! They broke us up into teams that will compete for the entire residency. The team with the most points at the end will win! For our PPE lecture, we broke up into our teams and competed to see who could put on the proper PPE in the right order the fastest! It was so much fun and a great way to meet other residents from different units.

The only reason someone ever leaves CHLA is if they have to move for their significant others. Most have been employed there over ten years, some over forty years! I can’t express how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity to become the best nurse I can be.




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