I am going to be honest with you all. I applied to a bunch of Southern California hospitals and didn’t feel that excited/ anxious feeling people talk about. I didn’t have clinical or preceptor experience at any Southern California Pediatric hospitals. Because of this, I felt as though I was applying with my eyes closed, letting God place me where He felt best. After submitting each application, the work only got harder. Without experience at any of these facilities, I was placed at the bottom of the list. I had to knock down doors to get my applications re-looked at. This process was emotionally draining but I eventually got the interviews I was hoping for, and subsequently the job offers. 

Choosing Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) was a no brainer. I did not understand all the hype about this institution until I stepped foot on the campus for my interview. The environment feels like the Disneyland of hospitals. Little patients run around playing together in a safe environment. Nurses and doctors work side-by-side as colleagues and as friends. Innovation consumes the hospital. Good is not good enough for CHLA.

My interview was so much fun! Yes, I said fun! We chatted for what seemed like hours about me as a person, not me as a nurse. We were laughing non-stop and I felt at ease. We eventually got to nursing based questions, but they wanted to get to know me! I knew from this interview and the hospital atmosphere as a whole that I would have a safe and secure place to learn.

My interview went from 1600 to nearly 1730, the end of business day. The next morning at 0800 I received a phone call saying they wanted me! I was wanted as a nurse and as a person! Somehow, someway life finds a way to fall into place. I had all the pieces necessary for a wholesome and complete life (love of my life, incredible family, travel, opportunity, a safe home, and health) but being a CHLA employee is the super glue reinforcing every piece’s connections. I officially feel whole, and I can’t get enough of this feeling.

If you feel stuck, the way I did during the transition from nursing student to RN, I promise it will pass. It may be faster for others and more prolonged for some. Do not sulk in this negative feeling. Fight through it and rise above it! Having pushed through it, I can say all those low points were worth it for how I feel now! Trust in this transition, life, and YOURSELF!


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