It is with a heavy heart that I present this topic. With everything going on in our country regarding gun control, access to arms, and gun safety some are demanding an increase in security. There are different levels of security being discussed; either making it more difficult to purchase guns, metal detectors at school entrances, and/or arming school officials to take action if needed.

In 2013, I was doing my pre-nursing requisites at Santa Monica College. I had just left campus after studying in the library and went to work. I then began to receive frantic calls from my friends and family. I shooter went on a spree in my college’s library. I remember how terrified I was to set foot back on my campus. It was terrible to feel so on edge in a place that used to be a safe learning environment.

I will never forget my Physiology Professor recalling the incident. She broke down discussing her fears during the shooting. She was teaching class when it happened. She could see the shooter from her classroom window.

I have watched a few too many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I can recall at least two episodes with an armed gunman in the hospital. The idea of this happening doesn’t seem too far fetched.

I bring all this up because hospitals and schools are usually seen as places of safety. Parents drop off their kids at school and know they are in good hands. Parents trust us with their children when they can’t be at their bedside.

Do you think that if extreme measures are taken at educational institutions that they will also be implemented elsewhere like in hospitals? How do you feel about metal detectors being needed for hospital entrance? Do you think this is the direction we are headed in?

I pray for all those affected by shooting. I also pray that we find a solution to end the killings and live in peace.



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