Packing does not have to be stressful. I repeat! Not stressful! This is possible if you know how to pack.

First things first, figure out what you are bringing. Think all your outfits through. Bring items you can mix and match with and figure out how many outfits you can create with your selected items. Does it cover your trip? If not, think of some smaller packable pieces of clothing. Are there too many outfits? Either get rid of the chunky ones or cut back entirely.


Packing cubes are incredible! You can fit so much more clothing in your suitcase and you know where everything is. Searching for items in your suitcase no longer creates a mess!


I dedicate one side of my suitcase to my clothing. The other side is for shoes and jackets. Undergarments and bathing suits go into the built in zipper compartments. Everything fits within my carry-on Samsonite. These suitcases are tanks. They can go through the ringer and still function perfectly. Not to mention, the price point is desirable.


The last part of my packing is my under the seat carry-on bag. Within this bag I place my toiletries, laptop, cameras, plugs/headphones, and books. This bag slides onto my suitcase to make for easy travel!

With all these tricks, you should be a professional packer in no time!


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