In Hella, Iceland we stayed at the cutest cottage imaginable. This red home was nestled on a snow-covered ranch. It truly felt like a home away from home.


Klara, the owner, owns over a dozen Icelandic horses. She gives you the option of helping feed the horses! She also lets you visit the other animals like the sheep and chickens.

Klara was so kind and took us out on the field to take pictures of and with the ponies. Most people can only see the horses through the fence. We were out in the open with them. It felt like a dream.





You can tell how much Klara cared about all the details. In every room were Christmas decorations. She provided coffee beans and tea bags for us to use if we chose. Klara even knocked on our door when the Northern Lights appeared. Lastly, she supplied house slippers. This simple detail made us feel cozy and at home. I cannot suggest this cottage enough.


To book your stay at Klara’s Farm, visit AirBnB or book directly through her site.



If you missed our full itinerary, you can find them here: ICELAND PART 1 and ICELAND PART 2.

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