IMG_7134This seems like a no-brainer. However, life happens: accidents occur, construction takes over the city, and traffic jams back up the freeways.

If I am not fifteen minutes early somewhere, I consider myself late. My first semester of nursing school, I utilized San Francisco’s incredible public transportation system. This worked swimmingly until construction began on the streets near my school and the busses were not showing up at their scheduled times. I needed to get straight to work after my classes finished so being late was NOT an option. My solution, purchasing a Vespa!

I am so thankful to my noble steed. I was never late for anything. I was in complete control of my timing and gas was so cheap! Not to mention, this was the greatest way to see and experience San Francisco.

For commuters, leave early. If early isn’t early enough…leave even earlier. If you can’t make it to class on time, then you won’t be a punctual nurse. Use schooling as practice to perfect your timeliness.

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