With my graduation around the corner, my Nona pulled out some of my Great Grandmother’s old nursing school graduation stuff! Her diploma was placed within an engraved, leather clutch…I wish these still existed! My Great Grandmother, like myself, went through three years of nursing school. With 85 years between her graduation and mine, there are so many similarities and differences.

GG Compare


She has a photo with all her nursing girls. My Nona told me how she couldn’t have made it through schooling without them. I feel the same way about my girls! What is so eery is that in the picture with her friends, she and I are in the same place…third from the left.

Thank goodness nursing has evolved from dresses, tights, and heels. I could not imagine having to do what we do in a skirt. More so, only being able to wear white!

Nursing school was hard then, it is hard now, and it will stay hard for years to come. Having your people is what gets you through it! My great Grandma had her’s, and I have mine. If you missed it, check out my post on handling relationships inside and outside of nursing school!

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