After Paris, we ventured up to Amsterdam but decided to stop in Brussels, Belgium along the way. Brussels is like that boy in high school…if you didn’t go on a date with him, you would always wonder…So we decided to give Brussels a quick trip and feed our curiosities. Brussels on New Year’s Eve was fairly empty which gave us a chance to take in all the cobblestoned streets and precious architecture. We arrived at 8AM and people will still partying really hard at some of the bars! I could NOT believe it! We indulged in waffles then explored the town. Brussels is known for a few things. First, waffles. Second is their Comic Book Art Trail. All around the cute town is incredible street art. If you look close enough, you may see Tin Tin. They are also known for Manneken Pis, a tiny baby peeing fountain that was built in the 1600’s. They decorate him for different holidays. This tiny statue is Brussels’ pride and joy. It must not be missed. Manneken Pis replica overflow the city! And lastly, Brussels is known for the beer Delirium Tremens. Being a nurse, I think this name is hilarious. Delirium Tremens is alcohol withdrawal!


I am happy we went to Brussels. It is another place checked off our list. All you need here is about 3 hours tops. It’s a small town that is a quick walk through. Up next was our New Year’s in Amsterdam!


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