After our New York New Year’s trip we ventured further north to Niagara Falls. Little did we know that we would be traveling through the Polar Vortex! When we finally arrived in Ontario, Canada, it was a Winter Wonderland. Fresh snow covered the streets and the town was nearly empty. I have heard about the craziness at Niagara Falls during the summer…we completely evaded this by traveling during the winter. With the fresh untouched snow and uninhabited scenery, Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Our hotel overlooked the Falls. It was attached to a casino where I won $0.15! This hotel was perfectly priced and was a short walk to the incredible Falls. Every morning we grabbed Tim Horton’s coffee (Canada’s Starbucks and a part of taking in their culture) and walked to take in the majestic site. On Friday evenings during winter, they do a light show on the Falls followed by fireworks.


Apart from the Falls, there are tons of other things to do in Ontario. There is an amusement section with a ferris wheel, bowling, and neon mini golf. You can also visit the butterfly conservatory and take a tour behind the Falls.

If you are thinking about going to the Falls, why not go in the winter? You will avoid ALL crowds and see the Falls in a way most people will never see! Not to mention, all the tours are discounted since it is the off-season. Canada doesn’t sound too bad-Eh!!


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