This may seem straightforward, but there are plenty of variables that change the success of your studying. Let’s figure out what your best study schedule should be!


Are you a morning bird or a night owl? I am an early bird. For me, this meant waking up between 0400-0500 to study before my clinicals. I was absolutely useless once it was dark outside!


Do you like to study at coffee shops or your kitchen table? This is something that will take experimenting to figure out. As previously mentioned in Your Study Sanctuary , I touch on how my best studying is done in the comfort of my own home. Find your ideal study sanctuary location.


Can you study with background noise or do you need complete and utter silence? On harder topics, I needed full silence so I could work through the material. Once I had a grasp on the material well enough, I was able to study anywhere with any noise level!


Surround yourself with what motivates you. If that is a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte, then doggone it, study at Starbucks. My ultimate motivator was Santa Clause. I kid you not, I studied to Christmas music ALL through nursing school. It made me happy which made me study better!


Some can’t study without company. Some can’t study with company. If you know you are unproductive in a group setting, avoid it by all means. You only have so many minutes and hours to study. Don’t jeopardize your grades to “hang” with your friends. I always studied alone until HESI. Once HESI hit, I would study with a group to discuss rationales. Apart from that, I was a lone ranger!

Ask yourself about the above topics. If you can figure out where and how you absorb information best, you can cater your studying accordingly. I guarantee you your grades will increase!

My study schedule: Between 4-5AM, in my apartment with fresh coffee, Christmas music playing, no distractions from friends or family. GPA: 4.0


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