Staying calm is easier said than done, but it is imperative the night before HESI. The morning before your HESI, review simple things like question themes, strategies, and lab values. Study for a maximum of two hours then put your materials away. Keep busy during the day but don’t focus on the exam. Go on a relaxing walk, clean your bathroom, or bake cookies!

Once the evening hits, eat your favorite meal. I would always order sweet potato fries and a hamburger. Not the healthiest, but oh so delicious. Then put on a Disney movie. Disney movies are the best because the underlying message is that “you can do it!” After the movie ends, go to bed at a decent hour. A solid and full night’s sleep is crucial!

Wake up with ample time to get to the exam. Don’t stress yourself out by rushing to the test. Ensure you have a reliable mode of transportation to the test. Wear an outfit that enables confidence so you “dress well test well!” Find your good luck pieces and bring them with you. Mine were a lucky pencil and my great grandmother’s bracelet. Do NOT look at any materials and keep your mind fresh. Make sure you have packed pencils, a watch, water, quiet chewing snacks, and headphones.

When you get to the exam room, grab your scratch paper and write at the top of your paper in all capitals: “I AM STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND PREPARED!!!” You are ready for this exam and you will succeed!

Whether it is the HESI, NCLEX, or any big nursing exam…follow the above to help promote relaxation and enhance confidence! You can do it!

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