The phrase “white was so last year” does not apply to nursing school…more like “white is so the next three years.”


  • My greatest advice is to buy yourselves some nude colored underwear and/or spanks. Don’t be the girl in the black and white polka dot underwear. Yes, this happened and I will never forget it.
  • Hospitals can get rather chilly so invest in some white thermals. These will keep you nice and warm and flow with your uniform.
  • Compression stockings are imperative. First off, who wants varicose veins? We are on our feet for 12 hours at a time. Increase that dependent blood flow and purchase some of these bad boys.



  • If white isn’t your thing, there are ways to spruce it up! Add a fun colored stethoscope. Mine was baby blue! We all know white isn’t the most flattering or slimming color, but I found my favorite nursing school scrub brand: Grey’s Anatomy. My only issue with the scrubs were a lack of pocket space. This didn’t become an issue until my Capstone placement where I needed to place an incredible amount of objects in my pockets. All and all, the scrubs were slimming, comfortable, and let my skin breath! Once finished with nursing school, I would suggest the brand Koi. They are also slimming but have significantly more pocket space than Grey’s Anatomy scrubs.


  • Leather shoes are necessary as a nursing student. Trust me, you are going to want the ability to wipe them down after a shift. However, white, leather, supportive, and comfortable shoes can be difficult to find. Unfortunately, these shoes aren’t the most attractive. I was able to find some Nike’s but most of my friends wore Nursing Mate clogs. Moral of the story, is find something that is best for you. Comfort is key here. And being able to wash them off is a definite plus!


  • Tie your hair back! We are here to work. There are tons of fun ponytails you can do. Experiment and find what works best for you while remaining professional.


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